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Challenging Segments    

U.S. Hispanic Research

Accelerant Research recognizes the growth in importance of Hispanic consumers. For this reason we have proactively tailored our resources and capabilities to accommodate effective and efficient research among this key segment.

Accelerant Research’s two-pronged approach to U.S. Hispanic research:

  • Top-Down Approach: Apply best practices research methods (e.g. questionnaire content, length, design)
  • Bottom-Up Approach: Adapt survey to U.S. Hispanic population (e.g. culturally relevant translation, scales)

Accelerant Research’s approach to developing research for U.S. Hispanics ensures that data are unbiased by translation issues...

  • Culturally sensitive and accurate translations are critical to the success of any project. Literal, academic, stiff, or otherwise inappropriate translations can alienate respondents and ultimately distort the data.

Advantages of conducting research among U.S. Hispanics with Accelerant Research are:

  • Established long-term partnerships with field interviewing facilities capable of conducting studies in Spanish and English in key markets.
  • An understanding of the U.S. Hispanic Market that allows clients to choose a key target group among Hispanics based on their level of acculturation.
  • A bullet-proof process for translating documents from English to Spanish.

Other Hard To Research Segments

Accelerant Research has the ability to target consumers through our panel partners on 300+ psychographic, demographic, and life event profile dimensions. We also have the ability to target business respondents on 40+ business profile dimensions, including industry, firmographics, job titles, and reporting structure.

Here are a few of the hard to research segments we are able to target:

  • Low-Income
  • Mass Affluent
  • Affluent
  • Military
  • Youth (ages 13-21)
  • Small Business Owners
  • C-Level Executives
  • HR Decision-Makers
  • IT Decision-Makers
  • Business Travelers
  • Physician & Healthcare Professionals (over 250 sub-specialties profiled)
  • Consumer Ailment Categories (over 100+ ailments and 200+ prescription drugs profiled)