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Product Development Research    

Regardless of industry, product development is a process that begins with new ideas and ends with new products sold to the marketplace.

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Within the context of product development research, Accelerant Research’s strength in research capabilities rests on our thought leadership, practice skills, and experience in:

Acceler-SCREENTM Idea and Concept Screening
Concept screening is the initial quantitative study to select the best ideas worth developing further into full–blown concepts. With Acceler-SCREENTM we have the ability to benchmark results on key scores against representative norms for a number of categories.

Acceler-TESTTM Concept testing, Volumetrics, and Market Sizing
The objective for this stage of product development is to quantitatively assess performance of a fully-blown concept and determine if it is appropriate for market testing, further refinement, or termination.

This is accomplished based upon volumetric projection and normative comparisons via Consumer Potential Scores, an indexed measurement representing consumer trial. With Acceler-TESTTM we are able to predict unit sales as an input for financial modeling, impact on net new sales, and SOVA (source of volume analysis).

As an option, we also offer simulated product optimization via discrete choice modeling, called Market Opportunity Simulation Testing (MOSTTM).